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Informations sur les Cassini (Anglais seulement)

Appreciation of sound quality is a natural process. The emotions felt are immediate and pure. The recognition of the smallest detail in the track are made easy. You realize elements of the music you did not notice before.
Our patented technology has the net advantage of producing a purer, clearer and crisper sound at a great value. The CFTA technology diverts the sound propelled in the back to the sides and the inner grooves. Lastly, the Venus line makes proper use of the golden ratio of Fibonacci: all components are using perfect proportions of triangles to divert and attenuate undesired sounds away.
We hope in assisting you in the design of your listening room and your choice of accessories. Our team can certainly assist you in the integration of your system ashore and on your ship.

About EON Art & the Venus line

EON Art Canada Inc is the merger of Eon Art Haute Fidélité of Canada and Venus Acoustic of France, a company founded by Nicolas Dutrieux, highly specialized in sound geometrics in the production of HiFi tall speakers. The company is currently based in Chandler, QC, Canada and in partnership with a marine electronics integration company, Ocean Marine.
The Venus line only uses proven, tested technologies in its tallspeakers. Three French patents have been registered and are a witness to the innovative spirit of M. Dutrieux. The technical team is always standing by to assist you with your choices, set up, installation and integration.

Sounds and emotions

Not just amazing sound: a complete respect for the elements that constitute musicality. An authentic product designed by acoustics experts for those who truly seek emotions through sound.
All components are carefully chosen for a reason. They make the Cassini a well balanced yet powerful model. This also means that music comes before styling. High End specifications at the luxury entry level, with unmatched client support and service.
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